Order 1, 2, 3 color or full-color vinyl printed designs!

 Many clients prefer Heat Transfer Vinyl for their simple designs, lettering, and numbers due to vinyl’s durability and the variety of colors and decorative styles available. Heat Transfer Vinyl can be applied to many types of apparel including performance apparel, t-shirts, sports jerseys, activewear, jackets, bags, and more.  Whether you prefer simple matte colors or bling finishes like glitter, metallic, or flock, heat transfer vinyl is a great choice.

Vinyl Pros:

  • No minimums.  You can order as few as one customized product with your design printed in vinyl. 
  • Vinyl has greater durability when properly applied because vinyl is a material, -not ink- so it does not fade and oftentimes will outlast the garment.
  • Some vinyl prints are more cost-effective than ordering screen prints when ordered in small quantities.
  • Great for text-only designs and images with minimal detail.
  • Great variety of finishes for special effects and feel.
  • Can be applied to cotton, polyester, spandex, tightly woven nylons, and more...


Vinyl Cons:

  • Not cost-effective for designs with fine and high details. Designs are machine cut and then hand-picked before pressing (see image above). 
  • Designs with shading or gradients are not possible with vinyl. (Screen printing would be the best choice for designs with great detail and shading.) 
  • Our maximum quantity for vinyl prints is 24 prints.  For larger quantities, please submit a QUOTE REQUEST, and we will review your artwork and update you with your options.


Whether you are ordering through our online designer or using our Quote Request option, we will provide you with our best possible price for your project! 

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