The pneuma fashions company

Pneuma Fashions, LLC has been producing inspirational-themed, Christian-themed, and custom-designed apparel for its customers since 2007. Our brand of inspirational fashion wear continues to grow and spread encouragement throughout the world.  Our custom design department has a reputation for establishing long-term relationships with our customers from all over the US who eagerly recommend us to organizations, businesses, families, and friends.

Our custom screen printing and embroidery services are provided on quality products and we are praised for our excellent customer service as per the testimonials we have published on our website. We work hard to offer not only the very best products to suit customer needs but to also offer competitive prices.

All of our client's designs are special and we provide the opportunity for them to bring their ideas to life with ink screen prints, embroidery, and even custom-cut vinyl prints that offer an even broader variety of effects.

Our highly skilled artists have many years of experience in custom screen printing designs and embroidery. They have been able to incorporate their love for art and fashion through graphics on apparel to meet our client's needs.

We help our customers exercise their creativity and flaunt their vision on apparel.  Enjoy competitive turnaround time and prices for custom designs or make a statement in our Pneuma Apparel.

Enjoy our Pneuma Fashions brand apparel, returning soon.

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