You Imagine it and We Embroider it!


Pneuma Custom Designs offers custom embroidery services for all your apparel needs. If you need to uniform your crew or start the BIG next clothing line we can be there to help. We work with all types and sizes of business and customer. We embroider various types of uniforms for businesses, schools, City/State Government Agencies, organizations, individuals needed personalized embroidered items, and even for clients aspiring to launch or enhance their clothing lines.


Yes, we can embroider all kinds of apparel, hats, beanies, bags, jackets and more!

Factors that determine price:

  • Quantity: The more pieces you need us to produce the lower the price per piece.

  • Stitch Count: All embroidered artwork is requires a certain number of thread stitches to sew the image.

  • Production:  The amount of time required to sew all the stitches for all of your items.

  • Materials:  Cost of your garments and materials used for your finished product.

  • Set up: Cost to convert your artwork/logo into a digitized design that can be read by the embroidery machines.

We will work hard to provide you the best possible price for your project!  



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